Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seru - Filem "Mockumentary" pertama Malaysia.

Walaupun filem ini dah ditayangkan pada 28 April 2011, saya tertarik untuk bercerita tentangnya kerana pertama kali melihat filem Melayu kita mendapat perhatian pengkritik luar negara melalui selain daripada dan yahoo! movies Malaysia.

Untuk bacaan lanjut klik link ni...Seru

Dari user review

This film marks the first Malay film's foray into the paranormal genre. Usually horror stories churned out by the industry are based from haunted houses, haunted hostels, and other haunted (fill in the blank).

As such, the crews are to be commended for their effort in creating a film that tries to break into a new genre. They are really thinking out of the box here, and the creativity itself deserves praises from the Malaysian public. And I am sure that the film will be a precedent for other films based on this genre. It is a bit like Japanese horror stories, in which the films are compared to Ju-On.

The camera work, works! It is not placed on a steady platform (because the film was carried on a hand-held camera), hence giving it a more realistic feel. Remember Cloverfield? It is more or less the same camera feel, and somehow better than Cloverfield because it is less shaky.

There are special appearance of Malaysian film stars, namely Awal Ashaari and Nora Danish. I would not call it cameo, though, because cameo appearance usually means a very short brief, and usually their names would not be mentioned in the film poster.
I shall not divulge more of the film, in terms of storyline, as I encouraged movie-goers to watch it for themselves.
Again, a truly remarkable effort from the crews; brilliant ideas & even better execution. Kudos!

Orang luar pun puji cite ni...Jadi kenape kat pawagam tak mantap sambutannye, tak lepas modal pun. Aku tengok kat pawagam masa tu, memang best la citenye, ade gaya2 Hollywood sket. Harap pihak produksi filem ni dapat hasilkan cite2 mantap lagi lepas ni. 
Jadi aku syorkan bagi sesape yang belum tengok lagi cite ni... Dapatkan Dvd@Vcd yang original. Layan cite ni & anggap sebagai hiburan sahaja.

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